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Club Farmluxe, led by Misha Gillingham & the Farmluxe team, is a web-based community for those who dream of living a garden and flower inspired lifestyle. We will teach you how to design and grow your own organic garden through our many tutorials, workshops, and courses. You'll discover unconventional ways to generate income from your land, with guidance from industry experts. We will take you on virtual tours of farms and gardens around the world, host virtual wellness events in the dahlias, bring you interviews with gardening experts, and do flower crafting & cooking workshops. We'll even plan in-person member meetups, mini retreats, and international travels together. Our online community feature will allow you to connect with other members and truly find your tribe. 

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The Farmluxe app (coming in January) will be available to both iOS and Android users.  

The Farmluxe Method Garden Design Course

Discover unconventional ways to generate income from your farm or garden, with guidance from industry experts 

Monthly Interviews with experts on all topics garden related

Access our growing library of 25+ hours of tutorial content

Connect and interact with our online community of members. Find your tribe via our Club Farmluxe social platform

Members only meetups and events at Misha's Sky Dance Farm (Annual Plan Only)

Virtual floral & garden based wellness workshops featuring sound healing, yoga, pilates, restorative movement, meditation, journaling prompts, and more. 

Virtual tours of gardens around the world

Monthly web based garden-to-table cooking or floral crafting workshops

Members only floral and garden based travel retreats (additional fees apply)

Monthly Q & A Sessions.

Discounts, giveaways, and special offers on select garden products 

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Watching Misha's content is both incredibly informative and restorative. She weaves together the perfect balance of education and beauty from nature. I've never subscribed to anything like it and feel grateful content like this exists. 


Ashley Wellington Bieschke

Current Member

My husband and I always wanted to live on a hillside with our own farm and Misha's content has given life to our dreams. We now feel a bigger purpose to live a sustainable life near nature. Misha has added so much value to our lives and we appreciate her sharing her life, garden, and travel diary with us. 


Gagan Cheema

Current Member

I absolutely love Misha's content. I originally joined because I loved her first farm but I stay because I've learned so much. I even purchased her book and puzzle. I love her work and I'm thankful to her for sharing it with us. 


Elisa Barnett

Current Member

"I've thoroughly enjoyed learning from Farmluxe TV, and discovering Misha on Instagram this summer has been a delight. Her beautiful and inspirational garden content has been a guiding light as I embark on planning my garden in my new home in the Pacific Northwest. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge shared by Misha, I've found her to be among the top 1% of teachers I've encountered, and I've been through grad school, so that's saying something.


Misha's easy-to-listen-to style and authentic presence have made the learning process enjoyable. Her encouragement has empowered me to tackle things I was once intimidated by, like growing roses. What I appreciate most is how she seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with practical advice. It's evident in her gardens, which are not only visually pleasing but have also taught me to see the beauty in aspects I hadn't noticed before.


Approaching challenging garden tasks has become more enjoyable as I now observe the beauty all around me, turning what used to be chores into moments of appreciation. The ability to watch videos repeatedly has proven invaluable, especially when referencing them while implementing what I've learned. Most recently, I applied this technique to my fall bulb planting.


I highly recommend Misha's content to anyone starting a garden, looking to expand their current one, or wanting to try new things in the garden while ensuring it remains magical and beautiful."

Vanessa Goosen (current member)